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This morning
This morning as I lay in bed next to you and watch you sleep I cant help but love you more and more. I Love you more now then I did when I First say you at the Party in oct. where I prayed to the gods for 15 more min. and listend intensly to evey thing you said on the way home. I love you more then our first date just over a month ago. Where I would have done anything to follow you home. Every day for my love grows for you and My heart jumps when I awake and I am still in our bed in our room. I have not awaken so this must not be a dream but if it is I dont ever want to wake up.....

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(Deleted comment)
I am a rather elderly UK friend of Rachael's to whom she was singing your praises last night on Yahoo. I've always thought her to be a great girl and I am delighted she has found someone nice with whom to share her life, and help her to bring up her lovely daughter. It seems appropriate that I should friend you on here too ... that is if you don't mind?

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