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18 November
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I work in the marketing world. I also attend different events that catch my attention: pagan pride, gay pride, art / science events, drawing, learning to play guitar (particularly bass). And last, but definitely not least, hanging out with my friends.

Thanks to current events and good friends, I have the relationship where I am truly happy and see myself spending my life with.... This does not mean I am not looking for new friends or partners. *UPDATE* I am Bi so deal with it or move on

I am the Alpha Wolf, though there are times I enjoy a good belly rub or scratch behind the ears, dont forget I am the Dom...do not challenge me as I do bite. At this point the Wolfen One Is happier then he has ever been. This does not mean that I am not looking for new chew toys, just means I don't have as much free time as before thank the gods.